David Combes

Restaurant Owner

“Networking is key. You never know who's around the corner and when you're gonna meet someone or get an opportunity.”


Los Angeles, CA



Average Work Week

80 + hours

David Combes operates EP LP Restaurant in West Hollywood. For the Australian, the important factors that go into being successful in the hospitality field are many: “You really have to have a very broad skillset to effectively run a restaurant properly.” In his opinion, the best people in hospitality are self-taught.

It takes a lot of business knowledge and strategy to be successful and an early start on building your brand will pay off in the long run. Combes uses his personal story to advise future hospitality workers, and you can hear more in his video.

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My Advice

You have to spend a lot of time developing your idea and your concept and really give it a lot of thought and make sure that it’s robust enough to withstand all the things that are gonna come at you through the course of your business whether it’s financial or legal or employment issues. You really have to have a very robust business model before you even really contemplate starting a business.

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