David Smith

Music Artist

“Humble yourself during those seemingly “pointless gigs,” as they may be the ones that open up a door for you to perform music professionally.”


Nashville, TN

Average Work Week


David Smith is the Officer Leader for Pinnacle Financial Partners Music and Entertainment Office in Nashville, TN. First and foremost an artist himself, he proudly tailors his banking services to other artists in a way that uniquely resonates with them. In this role, he facilitates bank lending to record companies, publishing houses, and artists. Following his journey on American Idol, Smith continues to pursue his passion for music by writing songs for multiple artists, and staying active performing in the Nashville music scene.

My Advice

As long as you stay optimistic and driven, you will learn what you need to learn, and be unstoppable no matter where you want to be.

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Best of Both Worlds: Meet Nashville’s American Idol Contestant & Entertainment Banker

“I’m not a banker who plays music, I’m a musician who will impact the industry through banking.”

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