Demi Lobo

Radio Personality

“You get one life and what do you lose? You literally don't lose anything by trying!”


Los Angeles, California

Average Work Week

50 - 60 hours

Born on November 14, 1989, on the South Side of Chicago, Demi Lobo started her journey in the entertainment industry when she was a sophomore in college. She first worked as a floor manager of a nightly news show but found her passion for radio shortly after. Between 2010 and 2015, Demi reached the cap of her career in Chicago.  She was a top personality on a popular radio station, hosting events and shows all over the city, as well as spearheading her own entrepreneur ventures. Although on the top of her current game, she saw this as an opportunity for her to leave Chicago and move to Los Angeles to not only start over but pick up a new passion.

DJing really blossomed after the move to California.  Since then she has DJ’d at every Hollywood hotspot and nightclub you can think of.  Playing at many celebrity events with guests like Ashanti, Yo Gotti, T-Pain, Cardi B, Rae Sremmurd and more.  Demi’s on-air personality continues to be the voice of the Los Angeles area along with the many other projects and events she is involved in.

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My Advice

Keep going and never give up. Never let anyone tell you what you cannot do and what is not possible. Don’t let other people put you in a box. I never answer, “What do you love more being a DJ or a radio personality?” I love all of my grinds and I’m going to make everything happen that I put my mind to and you can, too.

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