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Derek Nordgren

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Derek Nordgren is a software engineer based in Lincoln, Nebraska. Working at the sports technology company Hudl, Nordgren is on the front lines of building the video streaming services and website functionality that athletes and coaches use daily on Hudl. This means Nordgren works closely with a team of collaborators to make sure software is on target for the company's larger goals, but, then, it's on to the actual building, or "head-down coding," as Nordgren calls it. When it comes to this work, Nordgren largely has the freedom to work wherever and whenever is most productive for him.

While some projects can be broad and long term, Nordgren finds satisfaction in the fact that his "building" can often be seen live on the Hudl website moments after it's complete. Ultimately, any startup looking to gain ground in 2018 will need a software engineer, like Derek, either in house or contracted out. Nordgren is a modern builder the same way a storefront in 1975 would need a professional to make sure the brick and mortar structure was usable, appealing, and functional for customers.

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