DJ Skee


“Follow your passions. You’ll find opportunities from that.”


Los Angeles, CA



Average Work Week

60 - 80 hours

DJ Skee was born in Minnesota as Scott Keeney in 1983. He is best known as the first-ever DJ to play Kendrick Lamar, Post Malone, Lady Gaga, and Justin Bieber on the air. But he is more than just a DJ and is also known for his career as an artist and host for both television and radio. He currently hosts Skee TV, his own show that delves into music and culture through a series of interviews. He also founded sports entertainment agency Skee Sports.

Even as he levels up each year, his beginnings were simple. He began as an A&R intern and hustled to make his presence known. His infectious, charismatic personality soon got him on the microphone for stations like Sirius XM and KIIS-FM in Los Angeles. Through networking and a keen sense of marketing, he was able to blaze a trail not only for himself but for individuals who come across his work.

He possesses a strong interest in finding the intersection of emerging technology in the entertainment industry. In the mid-2000s, he was the brains behind the marketing campaigns for the iconic T-Mobile Sidekick phone. You can even find him as a contributing writer for brands like TechCrunch and Re/Code. He’s also been featured in Forbes and the Verge. He uses social media frequently and engages often with audiences across the world. This following proved useful when he launched Dash Radio in 2015, pioneering as the most prominent digital radio network in the world. Dash Radio has partnered with some of the most influential figures in pop culture right now from EA Sports to Kylie Jenner. 

Currently, DJ Skee is focusing on using his platform to create fun ways to get involved with philanthropy. He previously produced the 2015 Netflix documentary Sneakerheadz highlighting streetwear culture’s importance to urban communities. He has collaborated with both the UN Foundation and the GRAMMY Foundation. Because of his impact, he even has had a day named after him on May 26 in his hometown St.Paul. 

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My Advice

Work in the industry, go learn, network, and work your way up.

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