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Erik Huberman

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Growing up with an entrepreneur for a father, Erik Huberman thought starting your own business is just what adults did. At the time, he was already showing off his own entrepreneurial streak, peddling Beanie Babies and dreaming of being a rock star (notice the guitar over Erik's shoulder in the video above). Today, Huberman has brought his early-life hustle and image awareness into founding and running his owner marketing company, Hawke Media.

Huberman says Hawke's specific field is "outsource marketing," and analysis is key in this genre of marketing. Working with everyone from corporate giants like Verizon to family-owned coffee shops, Hawke looks for the weak spots and missing links between what companies want to say about themselves and what they're saying. Then, Erik and his team attempt to strengthen three pillars in the relationships between businesses and their customers: awareness, nurturing, and trust.

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