Erik Nelsen

Surfing Instructor

“Do what makes you happy.”


Newport Beach, CA

Average Work Week


Born in Laguna Beach, California, Erik Nelsen had his first surfing experience through a small family-run surf camp. The intimacy and expertise of this positive experience fueled Erik’s passion for the sport and inspired his life-long love of surfing. Erik has surfed around the world, including work as a lifeguard/surf guide on the world famous Tavarua Island Surf Resort in Fiji for over 25 years.

Erik’s passion for surfing motivated him to provide kids with a safe and positive way to learn the sport. At the age of 15 he started a surf camp as part of his father’s Ocean Adventure Program’s science camp.

From a one-man show Erik developed his surf camp over the last 33 years into a thriving business that now features 25 instructors and has taught over 9,000 students how to surf safely and with confidence while learning valuable lessons about ocean awareness and ocean safety.

Erik’s passion and love for surfing flows into everything he does and everyone he meets.

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My Advice

Follow your heart, chase your passion, and stay focused.

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