Music Artist

“Write your goals down. All of them, whether small or big — don't matter.”


Chicago, IL

Femi Adigun, better known as Femdot, was born to a first-generation Nigerian family in Evanston, Illinois and raised in Chicago. A natural wordsmith, he started rapping at age six and has only grown deeper into his craft since, sometimes writing new verses and songs up to three times a day. His music draws from a number of experiences growing up Black in America and paints a portrait that Nylon Magazine has called “both autobiographical and socially-minded.” With each project, he talks about his flaws and failures just as openly as he refers to his strengths and dreams. 

Femdot embraces the learning curve and can usually be found reading, cooking, or teaching himself piano. In high school, Femdot enjoyed nearly every extracurricular activity he had a chance at, from playing sports to being in student government. He is known for his ambition and passion for life and says that his desire to take advantage of opportunity comes from seeing people with privilege waste those resources. He aspires to encourage others by building platforms that elevate and educate.

If it seems that Femdot’s gotten what works for him down to a science, it’s actually because part of it really is just that: science. In 2013, he attended undergrad at Penn State for immunology. His curiosity for the world around him and inquisitive personality is reflected in all aspects of his work, constantly questioning the how’s and why’s that shape our realities. He approaches his relationships and his art with this same desire to understand and assesses the many variables that can create a different outcome. Through the scientific method, he unlocks an even more immersive creative process and level of self-expression.

After witnessing the success of Chance the Rapper’s Acid Rap era, Femdot transferred to DePaul University to continue his studies while finding new ways to engage with and revitalize the communities he calls home. In 2018 – just six months after graduating from college himself – he formed the Delacreme Scholars, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing educational funds to Black and Brown students at DePaul. Currently, Femdot is developing initiatives that will help expand outreach for the Delacreme Scholars and hopes to begin providing resources for a larger scope of need both locally and beyond the Chicagoland metropolitan area.

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My Advice

The best way to build is brick by brick.”

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