Frank Fields

Esports Business Development Manager

“Keep sight of your long term goals.”


Fremont, CA

Average Work Week

60 hours

Frank Fields specializes in esports and sponsorship attainment for the computer hardware company Corsair.

Since diving into competitive gaming in high school, Frank Fields has witnessed many facets of the industry firsthand. And there are many facets, he advises newcomers. In 2018, it’s not enough to say you want to be involved in esports when the industry comprises everything from athletes to promoters to marketers to technical support to people with fluency in contract law.

For his part, Fields is currently in business development for the hardware company Corsair. But he started where so many in the industry do: in front of a screen, stoking his passion for the games to which he would later work in service. Read on for the Fields’ full interview.

My Advice

Balance your schooling with your esports aspirations. Don’t stop school to try to go pro. Work on building the skills you’ll need to succeed in the field you want to enter. “Esports” is not specific enough; think deeper.

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