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Gabe Saporta

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Gabe Saporta has some backward advice for aspiring musicians. Well, not exactly backward, but maybe not what you'd expect from a professional manager of musicians. "Don't even think about the industry," the co-founder of TAG Music would tell young artists; just do your thing. That philosophy speaks to the division of labor in a world that's driven by art on the one side and packaging on the other. Saporta doesn't want to muddy the waters. He and his team are there to assist with all things that don't involve songwriting and mic-holding.

And what falls under "all things"? Well, that's what makes it hard to describe Saporta's job in a nutshell. Depending on what a client needs from him during a given moment in their lives, Saporta can play a managerial role, a creative director role, or even a personal counselor role.

A musician himself — former frontman of Cobra Starship — Saporta came to understand that music is obviously the most important factor in a music career, but it's identity that galvanizes fans. As he puts it, "People like songs, but they fall in love with artists."

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