Gabriella Devia-Allen

Esports Commentator

“If you show that you're willing to grow and listen to your peers, you will be more desirable to employers. At the same time, know when to stand up for yourself. ”


Bay Area, CA

Average Work Week

60+ hours. My fiancé and I are sort of workaholics, so we enjoy putting extra hours in even over the weekends.

From gaming to entertainment to all things geek, Gabriella “LeTigress” Devia-Allen turned her lifelong obsession with media into a career as on-camera talent. She works in gaming as a commentator, host, interviewer, analyst, and producer.

With a strong desire to diversify her skill set, Gabriella has casted/hosted a plethora of titles in the MOBA, FPS, CCG, BR, and fighting genres. She considers the Duelyst community her first true home in esports, hosting the Duelyst World Championship and even becoming a card in the game. After winning The Caster (2017), a reality show in which 10 contestants selected from thousands competed in various commentary and talent-related tasks, she began working at Hi-Rez Studios through Skillshot Media for Paladins, SMITE, Realm Royale, and Hand of the Gods. She served as stage host for the Hi-Rez Expo and even recorded announcer packs for Paladins and SMITE.

Gabriella backs up her field experience with media-focused education. A competitive background in public speaking earned her recruitment to Western Kentucky University where she studied Broadcasting (TV/Film Production concentration), continued vocal performance training, and earned awards including the National Championship for Informative Speaking. She later received a master’s degree in Communication, producing “Good Game Well Played: An Esports Documentary” as her thesis.

When she’s not working events, Gabriella spends her free time making content across personal channels–quite the change since peering over her twin brother’s shoulder as he played the N64. She also holds a heavy passion for fitness and has begun constructing gamer-friendly workouts for anyone seeking activity while at home or on the road.

My Advice

I’ve mentioned this in several parts of the profile, but it’s because it’s the strongest advice I’ve ever received. Right when I was getting into esports, I met actor Bob Odenkirk while his son was competing at a high school debate tournament. I asked him for advice on breaking into the entertainment industry (I strongly believe traditional entertainment and esports share a lot of characteristics concerning the grind from amateur to professional). He told the story of his friend who always wanted to work in narrative film. When you’re first starting out in entertainment, you take anything you can get as long as it’s remotely related, so he took a small job in reality television to pass the time. Well, he fell in love with it. He then committed to the path, becoming a reality television professional. 


All of that started because he was doing something–even if it didn’t feel completely connected to his original goals. While it can appear that my initial opportunities were received out of luck, it’s 100% not the case. All “lucky breaks” can be traced to something I made, people I networked with, putting myself out there, etc. And eventually it led to the domino effect that allows me to do this full time. I did so many different things until something stuck. Heck, I thought I only wanted to desk host. I learned play-by-play commentary for The Caster (2017), and I never would’ve known how much I love commentary if I didn’t give it a try. It was this experience that gave me the confidence to tackle all talent roles.


My point is, the second you stop, you’ve lost. If you don’t write off any opportunities, you can eventually be selective in what you pursue. You may even discover a new passion along the way!

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