Grant Rousseau

Esports Team Manager

“Work hard and take risks to reach your goals”


Twickenham, UK

Average Work Week

40 + hours per week

Grant is Head of Operations at Excel Esports. He began his career as an engineering intern at a snack factory, where he learned valuable skills and showcased his talent as an engineer, leader, organizer, and problem solver. He would later take his experience into a field that he was really interested in, founding Last Remedy Gaming. Fast forward only 3 years (and 6 different jobs) he’s now Head of Operations at Excel Esports in the UK. Grant’s success story shows that showcasing your skills and doing whatever you do to the best of your abilities can take you anywhere you want to go.

My Advice

Study hard in school, look into further education, and keep esports as a hobby initially. When you feel ready to take the leap, look into initial opportunities at low level (managing a non-paid team, sending video content for free to teams, etc). Find an avenue to turn that hobby into a full-time job.

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