Hector Rosario

Esports Business Development Manager

“What you are going to grind in your life is something you love and are passionate about”


Fort Lauderdale, FL



Average Work Week

50 hours

Hector Rosario founded the major Esports organization, FlipSid3 Tactics. As CEO, he manages the organization’s teams and has since gone on to start StatsHelix, an Esports data analytics company. In the Esports world, Hector goes by the pseudonym “Frost.” Hector went to school for Economics, pursued a career as a financial advisor and an accountant until he decided he wanted to pursue his real passion: video games. Hector founded a professional Esports team called FlipSid3 Tactics. He also joined StatsHelix as a Chief Strategy Officer. StatsHelix is a gaming strategy tech company that compiles in game statistics as the game is played and relays it back to the team in order to give them the best chances of in game success.

My Advice

Find what you love and follow your passion. If you haven’t figured out what that is yet, my suggestion is to watch videos, take classes, and just dig in and get your hands dirty with some of the things that interest you to see where it takes you.

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