Howard Jameson

Geotechnical Engineer

“When I look at the data that we're collecting at a particular job site, every job is different no matter how similar a design is for a foundation of a building. Ultimately our work is highly mathematical and highly scientific in understanding what that data means.”


New York, NY



Average Work Week

50 + hours

Howard Jameson thought he wanted to be a businessman in college, but an old cliché rang true for him: “Not all that glitters is gold.” Howard had a gig to market an energy shot drink for 50 Cent at the beginning of his professional career. He found himself questioning whether this was really what he was happy doing, and he wasn’t. Today, Jameson works as a geotechnical engineer, collecting data and monitoring geological structures for how safe they are for building or nearby humanity.

Jameson says the most demanding part of his job is often the “why” question. Once he’s collected data on a certain area or structure, he needs to be able to step back and see the big picture. His is a job that requires both near-microscopic attention to detail and proactive thinking.

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My Advice

Find ways outside the classroom to apply what you’ve learned. For example, there are tons of free Autodesk products available to students. You can begin designing simple things that will require mathematic principals learned in school.

Always remember that time is everything. It’s the most valuable asset there is. DO not waste it on things that don’t provide you some sort of return.

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