Jacq Tatelman

Fashion Designer

“I always say the HIGHS are really high, but the LOWS can kick you down — how you handle them will either make or break you as a leader.”


Boston, MA



Average Work Week

50 hours

Jacq and Scot founded STATE in 2013 to not only sell incredible product but to address the immediate needs to kids here in the US. Their bags are not just for utility, but they are fashionable, fun, and give back to those who need it! “Get one, Give one!”


Jacq and Scot say no matter how much work they do, or how stressful it gets, going to work everyday alongside each other is a daily blessing. 


The pair combine their relentless work ethic, intelligence, artistic abilities, and business mentalities to not only make fashionable bags and be profitable, but also give back to children who otherwise couldn’t afford a backpack. Their business model serves as a reminder to all that using your passion as a way to do good is much more rewarding than just financial gain.

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