Jen DeLeon

Chief of Staff

“You could achieve anything in life, and be careful what you wish for because it can happen.”


Los Angeles, California



Average Work Week

40-50 Hours


Planner, Laptop, Calendar,

Jen DeLeon started her career in 2009 by teaching herself how to start a blog and YouTube channel.  With her self-assertive mindset, she then became the first correspondent for GowhereHipHop and interned for NBC Chicago. With both she was the first production intern and youngest person in the front office for The Chicago Bulls.  When she wasn’t doing interviews or intern duties, she was taking classes and earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Journalism.

A few months after that, she drove to Los Angeles in 2012 at only 22-years old with no plan or full-time job. Jen even took her career the corporate route to help launch an app, but quickly found the corporate environment was not for her. So in 2017 she built her own brand and started DeLeon Direction, which focuses on consulting, production, influencer marketing and talent booking.  

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My Advice

Stop waiting for everything to be perfect before you take the step towards your goal. Don’t waste a lot of time for everything to “fall into place.”  People relate to what is genuine and real. You don’t have to have a nice camera, a nice backdrop, or know how to edit to start a YouTube channel.

You don’t need a cosign to make things happen. You don’t have to have thousands of followers, money, etc. and it’s not going to happen over night either, but you just have to stay consistent and believe in yourself.


As much as you want to push yourself and grind, you have to find a balance. Don’t try to do everything at once because you feel like you don’t have time — you do. 

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