Jessi Combs

Metal Fabricator

“Never rush into things without thinking through the process.”


Los Angeles, CA



Average Work Week


Born in South Dakota, Jessi Combs always had a knack for adventure. She graduated from Stevens High School in 1998 and turned down a full-ride to an interior design school to pursue a career in snowboarding in Denver, Colorado. When she realized the physical demands of this path, she transferred to WyoTech to work with metals and raw materials. Her curious and resilient personality brought her a lifetime of wild experiences as a driver/racer, metal fabricator, TV personality, brand representative, public speaker, and author. 

She had no problem getting her hands dirty and proving that gender stereotypes were no match for her talent. She worked with Lincoln Electric to develop welding gear specifically suited for women, as a way to increase representation in the industry. She’s known for hosting Spike TV’s Xtreme4x4 show and for her appearances on the hit TV-show MythBusters. She endured several traumatic accidents but each time grew stronger and more determined to build and make incredible things. Though she tragically passed away in 2019, she was posthumously awarded in June 2020 for breaking the fastest land speed record ever made by a woman.

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