Jessica Choi

Production Coordinator


Los Angeles, CA


New Zealand

Average Work Week

There’s never an average week - give or take 30-50 hours.

Jessica Choi currently works in the Features Production department at Marvel. Originally from a small town in New Zealand, she moved to Los Angeles in 2007 to pursue an education in film at USC. Choi has production experience across some of the biggest studios in Hollywood, such as Warner Brothers, Disney and DreamWorks.

My Advice

Try to become a great listener and don’t be afraid to fail and make mistakes. If you stay safe you will live a life of mediocrity and fear.  It is okay to not know something. Ask questions and be kind.

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Paying Dues Pays Off: What It’s Like to Work in Production at Disney, DreamWorks, and Marvel

Jessica Choi put in the hard work early, and spent her 20's working for the biggest studios in the game.

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