Joey Benamy

Community Manager

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Average Work Week

60 + hours per week

I grew up in Johns Creek, Georgia, where I lived until attending Georgia Tech in 2010. In 2015, I received my Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering with a focus in Networking. During college, I spent two semesters as a software engineering intern.I currently work for Haste, where I do a variety of things including marketing operations, customer service, and data science. I have been involved with Haste since November 2015.


Regarding Esports, I’ve been a gamer since a very young age. During middle and high school, I played at least four hours of RuneScape per day. I became very involved in the RuneScape community through my membership in a large clan, where I became a leader. This is where I began developing my community management skills. 


During high school and college, I broadened my horizons to other multiplayer games like Halo and the Battlefield series. I also led a multi-thousand person gaming group that played a variety of games including Team Fortress 2, which I have over 1,800 hours in. It quickly became apparent to me that gaming was not only about blowing stuff up, but the community behind it.

My Advice

Don’t stop doing what you love.

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