John Feldmann

Record Producer

“The action that you take is more important than how you feel. ”


Los Angeles,CA

John Feldmann is a household name in the music industry. Songwriter, A&R extraordinaire, producer, and co-founder of iconic punk band Goldfinger are just a few of the ways in which he has established his renown. He was born in the Bay Area in 1967 and grew up in a strict, conservative household. His father was an engineer and often put a lot of pressure on John to perform well in school and live by the rules. But John was drawn to the growing underground skater scene and punk rock culture during this time and found his own fit in the world of music.

John began writing music at 12 years old and became hooked on punk rock when he met the band Social Distortion at age 13. But John also struggled with alcoholism and drug addiction from an early age. He tells FYG that “I knew I was smarter than what I was doing to myself,” and openly shares how this battle with sobriety became a big part of his journey and self discovery. His passion for music saved him from darker days and thankfully, he always possessed a strong self-awareness and thrill-seeking desire. In 1988, he moved to Los Angeles and started the band Goldfinger in 1994. 

Some of the hit records we know and love today would not have been possible without John’s work. He spent years working as an A&R representative for labels like Warner Bros. and Red Bull Records, and even as the Vice President of A&R at BMG. He also has producer credits for many of the songs we hear on the radio. He’s signed dozens of artists such as The Used, Story of the Year, The Cab, All Time Low, Panic! At the Disco, Blink-182, and more. In a career spanning just a couple of decades, he has “contributed to the sale of 34 million records worldwide and nearly 8 million within the last 5 years.” He even started his own record label, Big Noise, with partners Nick Gross and Jon Cohen in 2018.

Admittedly, a career this vast can be somewhat exhausting. But John finds new meaning in each day by consistently looking forward. He establishes a tight morning routine for himself so that the rest of his day is spent in a positive, productive mindset. He laughs at the naysayers that say the music business is dying out — with Feldmann at the reins, it only seems that the business is lively as ever.


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