Josh Binder

Entertainment Lawyer

“ Ultimately I'm here to make problems go away and make sure that clients are able to accomplish their momentary goals and business deals.”


Los Angeles, CA



Average Work Week

60 - 80 hours

Josh Binder is an entertainment lawyer in Los Angeles and a partner at the Davis Shapiro & Lewitt firm. Binder compares himself to the quarterback of a given client’s business and management team. He needs to take the long view and be prepared to consider and mediate massive recording and publishing deals among famous clients, record labels and other large companies. Hear more (and see some pretty cool Kendrick Lamar memorabilia) in the video below.

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My Advice

You’ve got to be willing to give people your time and give it for free, without any expectations. People are going to realize that you believe in something. That’s who they want next to them. They want people that believe. They want people who are loyal and they want people who are good people to be around and positive people to be around. The more that you develop that as your reputation, the more that someone does not want to be around somebody that’s negative or annoying or needy or all these characteristics that can complicate relationships.

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