Justin Krzyston


“Do it for you.”


Los Angeles, CA



Average Work Week


37 year old Justin Krzyston has an eye for both design and construction, and loves to share his talents with others. Krzyston grew up in Chicago, but after high school moved to California. At 18, he began working in the construction and design field as an employee. The LA-based Krzyston’s career began while working for his girlfriend’s father, but he soon attained his own construction license. Inspiringly, he started his own premium construction/contracting/interior & exterior design company and now serves as the President and Chief Executive Officer of Stonehurst Construction and Design Inc.

Stonehurst Construction has been entrusted with building projects by clients such as Natalie Portman and David Hasselhoff.

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My Advice

If you’re interested in building and architecture, hone your passion every waking hour. You can even illuminate your craft during downtime by flipping on HGTV.

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