Kelly Burdine

Data Scientist

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Lincoln, NE

Average Work Week


A sports technology company as large (and growing) as the Nebraska-based firm Hudl is going to generate mountains of data. In the beginning, that data is raw — a forest that’s extremely tough to navigate until you can find someone who can see the individual trees for what they are. That’s where Kelly Burdine comes in. She’s an Analytics Manager at Hudl; her role is to help coworkers and decision makers use data to make informed choices about products and usage.

Kelly’s team helps leaders at Hudl make better business and product decisions by using analytics to gain insight from more than 20 petabytes of data. Previously, Kelly worked as a Data Scientist for the Human Trafficking Initiative at Creighton University, the Head Research Assistant for the International Relations Graduate Program at Creighton University, and an All Source Intelligence Analyst at U.S. Strategic Command.

Problem-solving is the core of Burdine’s job, but that’s easier said than done. “You’re not always handed a problem,” she says of the many ways to interpret raw data. Just as important as understanding website analytics is being able to ask the right questions of her collaborators. If they can tell her what types of help they need, she can tell them how to use certain data models to ultimately achieve results.

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