Keven Stirdivant

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Costa Mesa, CA

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Keven Stirdivant is keenly aware of the roles he plays in strangers’ lives. His is the hand they shake when they’re about to undertake a journey they may experience only once or twice in their entire lives. That’s why Stirdivant takes his role as a real estate agent so seriously (not to mention it’s his company, KASE Real Estate); he’s the conduit to a hugely impactful experience in his clients’ life stories. He gets to not only be on hand but also on the front lines of making sure buying a home is a dream come true and not a nightmare.

Therefore, a crucial component of the real estate job is listening and analyzing what people really want. That skill parlays perfectly into Stirdivant’s other job as the owner of the life-coaching company Project Mindset.

“A life coach is someone with the ability to see the greatness in others,” Stirdivant says, demonstrating once again that observation is as necessary a piece of his job as informing and advising. Hear more in the video above.

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My Advice

Put 50 percent of every dollar you make in an account you can’t see and don’t look at it until you’re 23. I would’ve had $550,000 in that account; instead, I had a Benz that was underwater and some rims. LOL.

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