Louis Tikaram

Executive Chef

“Keep cooking… it’s the only way you will get any better.”


West Hollywood, CA



Average Work Week


Louis Tikaram is your average Fijian-Chinese-Indian kid raised on a 110-acre cattle farm in Mullumbimby, Australia. We all know one, right? Not quite—and the incomparable chef is now making a name for himself in Los Angeles, cooking up Nama sea pearls with fresh coconut milk and black sticky rice with Szechuan cotton candy at West Hollywood’s E.P. Asian Eating House, as well as the Asian-influenced bar food served on the building’s L.P. Rooftop. His food is much like his story: diverse, creative, patiently executed. Tikaram has certainly paid his dues.

Though his restaurant, E.P. & L.P., basks in the glow of West Hollywood, Louis Tikaram’s kitchen runs on a workmanlike attitude. The executive chef says passion and drive are the two most important qualities for cooking alongside him. Tikaram will spend 14- and 16-hour days around his team, so without an inherent love of good food and its diligent preparation, other skills are moot. Tikaram has been named a rising star in the cooking world and profiled by press outlets like NBC News.

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My Advice

Be patient. It’s all about learning and knowing that you’re not going to be amazing at something brand new straight away: it can take weeks, months, or even years to perfect a skill in the kitchen.

That said, put in the hard work and keep pushing, and it will come sooner than you think.

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