Luis Tamayo

Media Investment Specialist

“Something that is important to me is being the best version of myself at work and continuing to learn. Consequently, one of the biggest obstacles I've encountered is not becoming stagnant and comfortable.”


Los Angeles, CA



Average Work Week

60 + hours

Luis Tamayo is a media professional with supervisor experience in the process of negotiating, maintaining, and stewarding clients’ national media campaigns. He is highly analytical with experience across several media platforms.

Even though you may not like group projects right now, teamwork could be the reality of your future. Luis Tamayo can’t get enough of it himself. He specializes in media investment, and his team enables clients to appear on many kinds of media, whether digital or on a television screen. He discovered his passion at 23 years old and has only been improving and learning from there. The courses he has taken in communication and marketing perfectly coincide with his career choice.

Find Your Grind spoke to Tamayo about being his truest self, marketing yourself to a large audience and how to make the best out of your high school experience.

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