Luke Tadashi

Fashion Designer

“Key to success: Genuine relationships through social media.”


Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles-bred designer Luke Tadashi has always had a deep love for weaving a story out of the bits and pieces. Founded in 2015, his company was originally named Bristol Cut and Sewn and focused on raw denim apparel. But Tadashi realized over time that this product limited the true depth of what he wanted to portray and started to dig into his own roots for inspiration. He realized that he wanted to use his eye for design to develop the same sense of community and culture that he felt when he played basketball growing up. In 2018, he rebranded as Bristol Studio, a company that features inside-out silhouettes and avant-garde textures and prefers to be known as a “Basketball-Lifestyle Brand.” 

Bristol Studio doesn’t just sell clothing either. The company also hosts a bi-weekly basketball league in LA. Their team takes a DIY approach in connecting with the people around them by renting spaces, facilitating events, coordinating invites, creating jerseys, and documenting the events all through in-house services. Tadashi prides his work on being culture-forward rather than performance-exclusive.

Tadashi’s emergence as an artist is interdependent on his come-up as a student of the game. He understands that there is no hard stop to the learning process and that navigating challenges with a Mamba mentality is the best way to unlock your truest self. In an interview from February 2020, he recalled that just two years prior, one of his very first and most personal collections was rejected by everyone in the Paris market. This collection featured pieces that took direct inspiration from his family’s history as Japanese immigrants that lived through WWII. Though he could have easily been discouraged, he trusted in his instincts, rebuilt his business team, and kept pushing. Since then, he’s been able to collaborate with Adidas Originals, Stance, Coachella, and more. Tadashi’s work is ever-evolving, gaining momentum with each new thread added to the narrative. 

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