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Luke Trembath

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Luke Trembath. Man. Myth. Beard owner. Australian. FYG co-founder and marketing manager. Former professional snowboarder. TV/Internet host and personality. And a lot of other stuff.

In his early teens, Trembath, now better known as "The Dingo," moved with his mother from Australia to Colorado to pursue his professional snowboarding career and train for the Olympics. But fate had other plans. At 18, when many of his peers exclusively obsessed over snowboarding, he tapped into an incredible talent for telling audiences how awesome his peers were at snowboarding!

Trembath was bit by the emcee/host bug in a big way. In just a few years, he'd hosted every major snowboarding competition, appeared on MTV's Made as a snowboarding coach and starred in his own FuelTV series.

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