Madi Rasmussen


“Be patient! Your time will come.”


Phoenix, AZ



Average Work Week

40 - 50 hours

Madi Rasmussen inspires as a Phoenix-based teacher in the science of hairdressing. After working for years as a hairdresser, an education director and a part-time independent contractor in teaching, Rasmussen was offered her current corporate position with a global brand as a full time educator in salons.

My Advice

Try! Try, try, and try! Even if you know there’s a trade you want to do, and English literature, Physics or Math have nothing to do with it, try anyway. Life will throw a lot of things your way that may not “matter” at the time, but completing them is one more bullet point on your life resume.

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Madi Rasmussen Went All In On Her Hairdressing Career; Now She Teaches Others

Madi Rasmussen is a former hairstylist who's stepped from behind the chair and into a teaching role.

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