Mark Brazil

Entertainment Entrepreneur

“ Rest At The End, Not In The Middle”


Los Angeles


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Mark Mastrandrea, better known as Mark Brazil, is a hustler and entrepreneur from Long Island, NY. In school, he took his education into his own hands and sought more enriching ways to become successful. He took a finance background and flipped it into a business career. Now, he is the founder of Ikonick, a Los Angeles brand putting a new spin on the business of inspiring others through art. The company is now the fastest-growing digital art company in the world. Mark Brazil recently partnered up with entrepreneurial icons Gary Vaynerchuk and Scooter Braun to grow the brand and are dedicated to producing affordable high-quality canvas art.


My Advice

“They never come to you. Let’s make that clear. No one comes to anybody, you gotta go get it. That’s something that needs to be said in this whole entire thing. I think both relationships were based on one core ideology and that’s give value first and expect nothing.”

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