Marlene Luciano

Wardrobe Stylist

“There are no rules - no right or wrong ways.”


Los Angeles, CA

Marlene Luciano came from a household where Spanish was the primary language – as her parents were immigrants from the Dominican Republic. She grew up pretty normal, the middle child out of 3 children. Her interests were always geared towards art, fashion, dancing, sports, and anything that involved her being in front of a camera. She always dragged her parents to sign her up for activities. She did competition cheerleading as a child , performed at school whenever given the opportunity, and participated in beauty pageants. What led Marlene to her career is beyond her -she has always gravitated towards the arts. She started being approached in the streets of NY to attend castings, and when she finally gave in she started booking Campaigns, music videos, anything she thought she could be a part of. At the time she was attending school for broadcasting ( she wanted to be a DJ). She then started to take acting classes and that evolved into wardrobe styling as well. She used to sell vintage clothing online, and have always been in all the scenes, people would often ask if Marlene was a stylist. She started to say yes more and that was the beginning. She has been modeling and acting since 2009 and styling since around 2012. Some major achievements she has been able to hold a roof over her head for the past 8 years! That’s an achievement! But other than that a bunch of small wins; booked commercials, campaigns some she has never seen but was paid for – have styled athletes, musicians, actors. Been featured in different fashion related IG accounts. Marlene’s hobbies include; thrift shopping, hiking/running, dancing in front of the mirror for herself, and collecting magazines, She’s really into design/visuals and physical copies. Oh and she absolutely love food – anything food related and she’s there! She does what she does because her heart calls her to do so, she can’t explain it – it’s not for her though it’s mostly for representation. It’s very important for Marlene to make sure that other people see themselves in her, it’s for the culture. She didn’t really have that growing up.

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