Matthias Holländer

Publication Editor

“Work to learn, not only to get through the day. ”





Average Work Week

60 hours

I am originally from Bavaria, Germany, and I moved to Berlin to pursue a career in esports. Before that, I was a software developer in the automotive industry in Munich. I started playing Counter-Strike in 2005 and was immediately hooked by the competitiveness of it. I discovered other esports later and started really following all the major esports titles when I moved to Berlin at the end of 2016. 

I’m currently working as the managing editor for the editorial department of Freaks 4U Gaming, a full-service marketing agency, and my work has now been published on Red Bull, Sport1, readmore and 99Damage, among others. Besides that, I am the most established German CS:GO broadcast analyst, having taken part in every significant German live production from the start of 2017 through to today, including all major tournaments with 99Damage, the German championship with ESL, and the full broadcast of the IEM Oakland Final for ProSieben on national TV.

My Advice

Start doing it. You don’t need a job to start working on your esports career, or any digital career for that matter. Volunteer. Post to forums, reddit, and social media. Like in any digital field nowadays, the possibilities are endless, but you gotta start doing and not wait for that one golden opportunity that might never come if you don’t do anything. If you just start, keep working, refine your skills and gain experience. Then, that opportunity will come, and you will be prepared.

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