Michael Shively

TV/Radio Announcer


Lincoln, NE

Average Work Week


Much like a good hitter, Michael Shively needs to be ready for all the pitches a day could throw at the Lincoln, Nebraska-based baseball broadcaster. Announcing minor league games for the Lincoln Salt Dogs, news pop up at the least convenient times — sudden trades, injuries and more. Shively has to be both prepared for a game and prepared to not be prepared.

At the end of the day, Shively’s job comes down to a several-hour performance. He has to do a lot of research to get there, but the announcer says his favorite part of the job is when he can focus solely on the action for a few hours.

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My Advice

It’s all about repetition. If you have an opportunity to do sports broadcasting in high school, take that opportunity, learn the vocabulary, and get comfortable speaking and accurately relaying what you see. As far as interview techniques for pre-game shows, that can be learned through schooling. My advice would be to not limit yourself to just sports. Learn how to do newscasting as well as sportscasting, as it makes you much more marketable in the entertainment world. Eventually you can specialize, but take every opportunity you can to get comfortable speaking into the mic or in front of the camera. Most importantly, watch and learn from the professionals. Try to emulate their characteristics and pick that up from them.

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