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Mike "Typo" Bassett

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Sometimes it can feel like there are 1500 miles and 50 professional connections between you and your dream job. Mike Bassett, however, tells aspiring young esports professionals they're in luck when it comes to those perceived barriers. Though growing by the day, the esports industry is still small enough — and most importantly, digital enough — that you can make in-roads on your computer anywhere in the country.

Volunteer for that leadership position in any esports scene, and you'll be taking the first steps to where Bassett finds himself today — managing the Super Smash Bros. Melee squad for the extremely successful esports organization Immortals.

Known as "Typo" in the community, Bassett makes his home in Ann Arbor, Michigan, while managing the player duo of "ANTi" and "Shroomed," who are based in Los Angeles. A portion of Bassett's work is personal and has immediate impacts on his players' performances: he provides motivation at tournaments and checks in on the players' well-being. But his skills in adaptability and organization must go beyond that, he says. Under the larger umbrella of Immortals, Bassett handles email correspondences with the CEO, makes sure the Immortals Smash Bros social media is on the right track, and even fixes and modifies controllers.

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