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Naserin Bogado

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"Digital marketing" is an umbrella term if ever there was one. In founding Collect1ve Mind, Naserin Bogado creates content across graphic design, photos, video, and audio — telling stories on behalf of the company's clients through all available social media platforms. Bogado's pre-marketing background intersects with the world of art galleries and music production. Thus, there's always been a decidedly artistic streak running through Collect1ve Mind's client relationships and the work they produce.

As a professional in the world of promotion, Bogado is the first to admit there's a saturation of content. Part of standing out in the crowd is having a clear idea of the standards, of the norms, of the clichés. With that knowledge, Bogado says you can think outside the box and push past the average use of social media into the distinct and captivating voices clients want to speak in.

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