“Put yourself in a situation that’s uncomfortable to you.”


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Nick Ansom is an entrepreneur and philanthropist with a serious passion for the game of basketball. He has dedicated his life to building community through the sport that he loves. He is the founder of the Venice Basketball League, also known as Venice Ball, a community organization that uplifts streetball culture by bringing together the most talented players through tournaments, community service, and merch. Venice Ball is one of the most recognized leagues today, is heavily involved in building and sponsoring courts, and attracts hundreds every Sunday for the love of the game.

My Advice

“Get up, get out. Do something productive that’s not connected to your electronics.”

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The Find Your Grind Podcast, Episode 5: Nick Ansom of Venice Ball and how to pivot into your dreams

Nick Ansom, founder of Venice Ball shares his life story of how his passion for basketball led him to create a movement around streetball culture.

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