Nick Gross


“Write things down, know what your goals are, and create a positive energy and focus.”


Los Angeles, CA



Nick Gross empowers the world to think differently about its future. Under the umbrella of Gross Labs, Nick focuses on a diverse array of projects, like his music company Big Noise, where’s he’s been shaking up the recording, publishing, and live event industry. Nick’s also currently the drummer of touring alt-pop rock band, Half the Animal, a Southern California foursome of musicians who are putting a new spin on a much-loved style through slick indie sounds with a steely rock ‘n’ roll punch.

Beyond his work playing in bands and running businesses, Nick co-founded Find Your Grind, an innovative platform devoted to helping the next generation figure out what they were put on this planet to do, as well as giving them the tools to get there.

You can also find Nick set up at the Noise Nest, a state-of-the-art recording studio and cultural incubator in Los Angeles that’s helping nurture the next generation of songwriters and musicians. As a storyteller, entertainer, and disruptor, Nick’s using his experience and eclectic passions to empower the next generation through activism-fueled art.

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My Advice

School isn’t everything. What you focus on now can help you get to where you want to be in a more timely fashion. You don’t have to have a four-year degree to be respected. Find what you love, and go after it immediately.

For young musicians, constantly focusing on getting a record deal and getting signed by a major label probably shouldn’t be your focus. Labels can help with distribution and promotion, but they can’t create that initial buzz for you. You’ve got to do that first!

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