Pat Bridges

Creative Director

“ Everyday do something that’ll get you closer to your goals. You might not see it today, but in 365 days, you’ll be a lot closer to that goal. ”


San Clemente, CA



Average Work Week

40 - 60 hours

A Vermont native living in California, Pat Bridges works as the creative director of Snowboarder Magazine. His job changes with the season; Bridges manages onsite photography and traveling during the winter and completes post-production work during the summer.

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My Advice

I proved myself through tenacity, and got in by forming solid connections. When I first started writing, I was waiting tables at night. My passion was snowboarding and I saw writing as a way to be able to live out that passion. I was getting paid 25 cents a word at the time. So, I had worked it out in my head. If I was going to be a writer full time for Snowboarding Magazine, they would expect me to write around 400 words a day, around $100 worth of value a day. So whether I was getting paid or not, I would write 400 words a day just to start to hone that muscle. So that’s how I broke into it, is just through connections and tenacity.

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