Philip Zach

Record Producer

“Music is a tool of revolution, and can change the world through evolving the way people feel, think and respond to the world around them.”


Lincoln, NE



Average Work Week

40-60 hours

After formally studying art in college, Phillip Zach spent his career touring and performing with his band Remedy Drive, as well as producing music and working with photography and graphic design at his recording studio, The Grid. Zach is driven by his deep love of music and using it to create inspiring new sounds.

My Advice

The path to becoming a truly skilled music producer can be frustrating and disappointing, but when you push through those thousands of hours, you learn not only about your music but yourself too. Seeking out a mentor to help you is one of the most valuable tools for career growth, because it provides you with a close-up perspective. For practice and more guidance, an internship at a studio can give you feedback on your progress and also knowledge on how the job works by watching others.

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