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At just 22 years old, Los Angeles-born Michael “Prince” Jackson is already blazing his own trail as a legend. While the King of Pop’s son did not become a musician, he did grow up sharing many other interests and qualities as his father, the late Michael Jackson. Their shared love for TV and film would later become a driving force for Prince to start his own company, King’s Son Productions, during his freshman year at Loyola Marymount in 2016. The company has made stunning visuals from short films to music videos, and hopes “to enable creative people across art forms to realize their dreams.” Since his college graduation in May 2020, Prince says he intends to rebrand his company with a wider scope on business and content creation.

Prince was homeschooled until 8th grade. Between the ages of six and ten, Prince traveled the world with his family and learned from the cultures around him. He lived in various places like Bahrain, Ireland, and Japan. He attributes his ability to overcome challenges and converse with people of all backgrounds and personality types to these experiences. A natural connector, it is no wonder that Prince values work that brings him closer to others and uses his platform for both artistic and philanthropic work.

He is also a responsible leader who finds strength in compassion and empathy. When his father passed away, Prince was only 12 years old but was able to channel grief into positive energy as he learned to care for his family. He tells Find Your Grind that his belief is “not so much to make a living, but to make a difference.” Inspired by Heal the World but with the intention to reach people on a more local level, he co-founded the Heal Los Angeles Foundation in 2016 to combat issues like child abuse, hunger, and homelessness. Through Heal Los Angeles, Prince is developing future programs for inner-city youth such as cooking and STEM classes and continues to serve free meals to local communities during the current 2020 pandemic.

My Advice

“Never give up”

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