Rahil Taj

Furniture Designer

“Network, network, network! ”


Los Angeles, CA


Indian American

Average Work Week


Rahil Taj routinely spends 16 or more hours a day in his creative work space. The headquarters of his Los Angeles-based furniture design firm, RAH:DESIGN, are packed with myriad types of wood and many precision tools.

In the video above, Taj discusses how he got his start designing furniture — it all goes back to an elective class in high school — as well as the artistic independence he maintains when doing commission work for his clients.

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My Advice

Take the time to soul search and find that one thing that makes you stoked to get up everyday, that one thing that you create or perform after school and even think about doing at school. Don’t half-do anything. If you know others in the industry doing something similar to what you are trying to do, then reach out to them. It’s easier now with all of these social media platforms. Someone is bound to get back to you. I was on the brink of social media connections and cold calling business/customers. Be persistent but not annoying.

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