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“You have to look deep inside yourself and say self, what is it that truly gives me energy?”


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Rewind back when Rob was just a kid in Ohio getting his very first skateboard —this moment would send him on an exciting journey of many successes and failures. Receiving a sponsorship only 6 months after receiving his first skateboard at 12 years old, Dyrdek knew he had found his calling rather quickly. By the time he was 14, he partnered with professional skater Neil Blender to work with Alien Workshops. 2 years later 16 year old Rob had already placed 4th in the World Skateboard Championships and was a known professional skateboarder. At this point, Rob made a life-altering risky decision. He dropped out of highschool and moved to California to pursue his dreams in the skateboard world. By the age of 18 he was already a professional skater starting his first business venture: Orion Trucks. 

We learned a lot when we sat down with Dyrdek. One of the most charismatic, entertaining and hilarious personalities on TV, he showed a different side sitting behind his desk at Dyrdek Enterprises. Dyrdek is also an incredibly focused and disciplined businessman, chock-full of advice for young entrepreneurs.

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My Advice

Chase your dreams, but first, understand the economics and have a business plan ready

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