Ryan Morrison

Information Technology Lawyer

“Networking and making yourself known will definitely make a huge difference in your chances of breaking into esports. ”


Los Angeles, CA



Average Work Week

60 - 80 hours per week

Ryan Morrison is a founding partner of the law firm Morrison/Lee. He has handled countless video game-related cases throughout his career, and his firm represents more esports professionals than any other. Commonly known as Video Game Attorney, the attorney specializes in law of interest to fans of video games and Internet culture.

Morrison’s habit of participating in Reddit has been analyzed as a business marketing strategy. He advocates for independent developers of popular Internet media and video games.

Morrison became a center of attention in the React World controversy when the Reddit community and others began to call on him for his legal insights on copyright and his engagement in copyright activism. His participation in the issue was an important factor in the resolution of the issue in favor of the activists.

Morrison is known for speaking against Facebook, for allowing the negative effects of freebooting to impact small content creators.

My Advice

Whether you’re just finding your feet as a student or thinking about starting your own firm, you need to be ready to commit a lot of time and energy to your clients and to the industry as a whole.

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