Ryan Sheckler


“When it starts to get frustrating, break that down and use that as motivation to succeed.”


San Clemente, CA



Average Work Week

Depends on the week. My average would be around 40 hours.

“Skateboarding is the best and worst thing that ever happened to me,” says Ryan Sheckler, 27, renowned pro skater and star of MTV’s Life of Ryan. The worst part isn’t the injuries, he tell us — it’s the mental block that can happen when you’re having trouble doing something you know you can do. But for Sheckler it’s far outweighed by the best part of skating: teaching others how to skate.

Sheckler says his success as a skateboarder all comes down to working hard, every single day, and living the lifestyle he wants. “I’ve created this routine that’s pure for me,” he says. At 7:30 every morning, he practices selflessness by taking his dog for a walk. It gets busy after that with a workout, the office, meetings, and hopefully surfing (if the waves are good). Then, at night, he does what he loves most: hitting the skatepark”. Watch his video for more!

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My Advice

If you fall, get back up and try it again.

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