Sara Nilles

Education Executive

“Live more in the moment, listen more, and talk less.”





Average Work Week

50 + hours

Sara Nilles is in her seventh year as the executive director for the Oregon Association of Student Councils. She enjoyed her time as a middle school math, technology, yearbook and leadership teacher for ten years before her role with OASC. The Confederation of Oregon School Administrators (COSA) sponsors OASC; Sara also coordinates COSA’s awards and scholarship programs. She studied math education at Montana State University (Go Bobcats!) and earned her masters in Curriculum & Instruction and ESL/ELL from Portland State University.

My Advice

Make stronger connections and relationships!  I planned a lot of events being in leadership and was a “doer,” but didn’t really take the time to get to know the people I was “doing” for.  I was all about checking something off a list, adding it to my resume, always thinking towards the future of college and beyond (which is great) but I missed out on the present.  Live more in the moment, listen more, and talk less.

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