Shelby Parks

Shelby Parks

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As an LA videographer, photographer and editor of both mediums, Shelby Parks has worked on both the corporate and artistic sides of her profession. She's freelanced for companies like Pepsi and Sketchers at the same time as she posts short films on her YouTube channel drenched in mood music, fascinating symmetry, and cutting-edge fashion.

At the end of the day though, that distinction between pure art and pure work is less defined than perhaps Parks originally thought when she moved from the Midwest to the center of the film industry in California. In her experience, it's a visual artist or content creator's voice that matters most. "People will hire you for your vision and what you can bring to the table that no one else can," Parks says of building a portfolio.

Today, she works as a full-time editor for a makeup company while still finding inspiration in nature, meditation, and the compositions of Hans Zimmer when it comes to her more personal work. But even those efforts end up collaborative, not private or self-serving. Parks says she loves to find ways to get models and actors vibing with the work. That requires vulnerability and relationship building. "Make them feel like they're Brad Pitt basically," she laughs. Watch more in the video.

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