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Suzy Ryoo

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Suzy Ryoo is a young venture partner and Vice President of Technology and Innovation at Atom Factory in Los Angeles. Atom Factory is at the forefront of new entertainment, tech and culture, investing financial resources and invaluable startup knowledge in emerging brands. In this role, Ryoo helps develop and invest in early-stage companies through Cross Culture Ventures. Their mission is to “invest in entrepreneurs creating next generation technology and consumer products.”

In order to be successful, Ryoo does extensive research to have a profound understanding of diverse markets, products, brands and how these new companies are providing unique solutions to modern problems. Networking is huge in her line of work; however, she likes to refer to it as a “mutual commitment” in supporting, growing and accelerating professional partnerships.

She has made her life a journey of “making what you do what you love.” Before joining Atom Factory, Ryoo earned a B.S. in Strategy & Finance at USC Marshall and worked in Innovations & Emerging Platforms at OMD Ignition Factory.

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