T.J. Timmerman

Facilities Director

“Start with the basics.”


Omaha, NE



Average Work Week


The Bay in Lincoln, Nebraska, plays host to skaters, musicians, nonprofit employees, coffeehouse patrons, and kids who need a safe place to congregate after school. But none of that could go off without someone looking after the 10,000-square-foot skatepark — keeping the lights on and the ramps slanted.

That’s where T.J. Timmerman comes in. The facilities director began his job at The Bay with one of his biggest projects to date, building the skatepark alongside coworkers and volunteers, and without hiring out any work. Timmerman also had a major in hand in building The Bay’s coffee bar and music stage.

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My Advice

Just like someone learning his first stakeboard trick, start with the basics: you can’t construct a ramp without knowing how to use a power tool.

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