Taylor Cocke


“. I’ve been at this for a long time, and I’ve never stopped hustling. It’s cliche, but you’ve just got to put yourself out there. ”


Los Angeles, CA



Taylor Cocke is a freelance journalist specializing in esports.

These days, the field of arts and entertainment journalism is not for the faint of heart. To read Taylor Cocke tell it, building a sustainable writing career in gaming requires years of perseverance: internships, constant story-pitching, and the ability to shake off rejection.

Cocke has reported and reviewed games for Yahoo, Polygon and Red Bull in his career as a games writer but currently practices as a freelance journalist.

My Advice

As for advice for kids looking into esports, the best I’ve got is to just start. If you want to write about games for a living, just do it. Build up a portfolio of your own stuff and start pitching bigger and bigger publications. Also, don’t do any work for free, especially if the person running whatever site you’re working for is making money. If you’re getting school credit, great! If you’re getting paid just a few bucks, great! But if they’re not going to pay you, you might as well just be doing things on your own. No, “exposure” isn’t payment. Great work will prove itself, above all else.

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