Taylor Luce

Hotel Event Manager

“It is more rewarding to do something you love. ”


Los Angeles, CA



Average Work Week

50 + hours

With a bachelor’s degree in film production from the University of Southern California, Taylor Luce worked in Los Angeles on sets of shorts films, commercials and the film, Dark Night Rises. She also worked at the William Morris Endeavor Talent Agency and as the Executive Assistant to Roma Downey at Lightworkers Media, a division of MGM. She found her passions weren’t in the film and TV side of production and now, she works as the senior event manager at the Newport Beach Marriott Hotel and Spa.

My Advice

If meeting planning within a hotel is of interest, I’d suggest to pick up a job in a hotel over the summer, whether it is in the restaurant, at the front desk, or anywhere else. Any time spent working in a hotel will help you to understand how every piece of the puzzle works together to create the ultimate stay for the guests. For meeting planning/event management in general, find a catering company or planner who you can work for or at least talk to for advice and guidance.  People in my career have backgrounds in all types of college majors, from Hospitality, to Business Administration, to Film Production, and everything in between.

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